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Life Alignment

Life Alignment Book

The first-of-its-kind process that compliments our holistic financial planning by helping clients embrace their values, clarify their purpose and consider their legacy.

The Life Alignment process was created to compliment holistic financial planning and help clients commit more fully to NOFG’s mission of thinking beyond their money.

Clients engaged in this process are guided through a workbook of exercises and receive ongoing coaching from Andy Jolivette to embrace their values, clarify their purpose and consider their legacy. 

Embracing your Values

The process of aligning your life begins with knowing what is most important to you. We believe in this so strongly we have a free values exercise on our website! 

Clarifying your Purpose

Purpose is what gives our life meaning; the goal of our goals, and there is a big difference between believing there’s a reason to get up in the morning and knowing what the reason is for you.

Considering your Legacy

The traditional understanding of legacy is about what we leave for people, but this process invites you to reflect on what you are leaving in people. Columnist David Brooks describes this shift as thinking about your eulogy virtues instead of your resume virtues. 

Both the Holistic Financial Planning and Life Alignment processes utilize understandings of human behavior from psychology, physiology and mindfulness.