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Think Beyond Your Money.

Any financial advisor can get you to think about your money. We provide guidance to align your values and finances, giving you the freedom to think beyond your money.
About Us
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We’re on YOUR team

Are you looking for a financial planner or a financial partner? Do you want an advisor who gives you a map toward your goals or guides you all the way there? We work with our clients to develop personalized plans to achieve their goals by aligning their values and finances.
How We Work

Our Services

Holistic Financial Planning

The primary relationship we want to have with clients. A partnership built on their values and priorities including the advice, coaching, accountability and support to accomplish their goals.

Wealth Management

Investment planning and portfolio construction can be difficult to handle on your own, which is why many of our clients rely on us to manage their investments and deliver the returns necessary to reach their goals.

Life Alignment™

The process that complements our holistic financial planning through coaching that helps clients think beyond their money by embracing their values, clarifying their purpose and considering their legacy.

Do I have enough assets to work with a financial advisor?
There is not a minimum amount you need to work with us, and it’s not necessary that you consider yourself “wealthy.” We charge a fee for our advice, which includes the support of our entire team. The amount of the fee varies and is based on your assets, needs and the complexity of your situation.
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