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Smart Money Program™

We help young accumulators gain confidence and clarity about their finances so they can begin thinking beyond their money.

We want our clients to be in the driver’s seat and make their own financial decisions; we strive to be the blind-spot monitors and provide the navigation to reach their destination. We feel passionate about helping young accumulators set themselves up on the path to financial independence. The key to financial independence is building your financial foundation. To get started we begin by…

Gathering information

Any financial advisor will help you get performance and use your resources efficiently. We want to understand who you are and what you care about. We will guide you through a values exercise so that we understand what is most important to you. After this, we will talk through personal, professional, and financial goals you have. Then, we will get you setup on our financial planning software. This will help us to identify your current financial situation. The goal is to identify the broad view perspective of your plan, and then begin discussing specific facets of financial planning.

Strategy meetings

Your financial advisor and supporting team will discuss all of the unique variables that make up your current financial picture. From this point, North Oaks Financial Group will focus specifically on strategies that can be implemented in your plan to start making headway on your financial goals. Our Smart Money Planners can anticipate meeting with their advisor approximately once a month. During these meetings, your advisor will lead you through investment planning, diversification in portfolio allocation, protection analysis, estate planning analysis, tax strategies, and more. These monthly meetings are typically an hour long.

Implementation of recommendations

As you continue to have conversations with your financial advisor, he will begin to present recommendations. Our clients should expect to receive action steps that they can implement and track towards their goals as they use the financial planning software to run proposals and illustrations.


The final phase of the Smart Money Program™ involves ongoing monitoring and check-ins about your progress. During these meetings, your advisor is looking to get a status update on how the plan is going and answering any questions or concerns that clients may have along the way.

We see the Smart Money Program™ as the start to a long-term relationship with our clients. We are always there as a resource for them and will continue to check in with them to track progress and see if it is time to begin a planning relationship again.

Learn how this process begins and what it looks like to Work With Us.

The people we tend to be the best fit for are looking to begin a long-term relationship with a team of fiduciary-based financial planners who can help them make financial decisions that connect their values and priorities; in other words, they want guidance to help think beyond their money by receiving advice that aligns their finances with what is most important to them…not just suggestions that will make (or save) them the most money. The result of our process is the creation of a plan that brings their goals into reality while planning for the uncertainty that life brings.

The guidance we provide is tailored to each client’s situation, and often includes the following:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Debt Management strategies
  • Net Worth Tracking
  • Asset Allocation and Diversification strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Child(ren)’s Education Goals/College Planning
  • Employee Benefits Review (ie. Group insurance, 401ks, etc)
  • Home purchase analysis with review of financing options
  • Protection/family security strategies
  • Tax Planning Strategies

Planning Software

You’ll have access to planning tools that let you consider various scenarios and participate in the creation of your financial plan.

Annual Recommendations

You’ll receive written recommendations each year based on the action items and areas of focus discussed with your Advisor. 

Fee Structure

Clients pay a monthly subscription fee for this service. The fee ranges from $60-100/month.