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Summary of the 2021 Stimulus Package

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To help you make sense of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 signed by President Biden last week, our Financial Planning Specialist (Taylor Moline) has prepared a summary of the most relevant details…

How will the stimulus package impact you?

  • Payments up to $1,400 per individual plus $1,400 per dependent (see table of income limits and link to stimulus check calculator below)
  • Child tax credit up to $3,600/child (see article below for more details)
  • $300/week of additional unemployment benefit extended through September 6 AND federal tax waived on up to $10,200 of unemployment benefits received in 2020 (see article below for more details)
  • Direct deposit payments and checks have already begun, but since payments are being based on the income from your most recent tax form (and the IRS is not done done processing everyone’s taxes from 2019), delays are expected (see link below to check the status of your stimulus payment)
  • Related update: the deadline for filing your personal income taxes has been extended to May 17 (see article below for more details)

Direct Payment Income Limits

SingleHead of HouseholdJoint
Full $1,400Under $75,000Under $112,500Under $150,000
Phase Out*$75,001 to $79,999$112,501 to $119,999$150,001 to $159,999
No PaymentOver $80,000Over $120,000Over $160,000
* 5% reduction for every dollar of income that exceeds the applicable limit

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